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OUR SOL WAY: Health Scientific Advisory Board

Sol Santa Fe Holdings (SSFH) will position itself to be the leader in cannabis science and medical research. As a key point of differentiation, SSFH has established a scientific advisory board. This group of top physicians and subject matter scholars will have a close working relationship with the New Mexico Department of Health. Together they will advance New Mexico's cannabis business landscape. The importance of micro-dosing has become more and more evident and our Physicians and Scholars are looking to support dosing for specific needs. 

The board is made up of 2 Cardiologists, 1 Oncologist, 1 Pulmonologist, 1 Psychiatrist, 1 Orthopedist and a Pain Management Expert. Several of the Doctors have been on the New Mexico State Cannabis Council.  

New Mexico State to Benefit

In turn, the State will be a primary beneficiary of SSFH work with more revenue, new and sustainable jobs and intellectual cache. 

SSFH will also work closely with the State of New Mexico to create a cannabis- centric business environment, to help increase state tourism and build a nationally recognized panel of doctors that will educate, help with informed dosing, research, and help create new products.

We want to help New Mexico benefit through growth and national recognition in the cannabis sector.