Happy Holidays!


Our Sol Way

Our mission is to help you with a bespoke healthy lifestyle, thru CBD. Organically grown broad spectrum hemp infused into our skincare line of serums, creams and balms, as well as into our tinctures and gumdrops.

Enjoy our topical escapes in either unscented or scented formulas using our proprietary blend of essential oils. Our creams are infused with our Southwestern Desert Lavenders watered by our lovingly cared for acequias.

Acequias are New Mexican ancient traditions that keep our communal desert waters flowing ~ the irrigation of the land defines our west in a most naturally enchanted way!

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Our Flavors

Experience calm and clarity with our tinctures in two distinct flavors: choose from lemon or peppermint – take alone or add to your favorite food, coffee, tea, or that anytime smoothie!

Handcrafted gumdrops are available in six (6) different flavors.

Please note: When you receive your gumdrops the actual colors of each are the same color because we have chosen to not add any food coloring dye to our products at this time.

Blueberry Lemon
Strawberry Banana
Raspberry Lemonade

Coming Soon: Lollipops, mints, chocolates, honey, sparkling water, pet supplements, and powdered soluble hemp for all your needs.

Restorative living as you jump start your very own endocannabinoid system.

Infused with that high desert living with our clean mountain air and water, our CBD is distilled from organically grown broad spectrum hemp straight from our sustainable farms in Colorado and New Mexico manufactured in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We also offer nano-sized broad spectrum oils at a wholesale price.

TAKE FIVE!  ~ Focus, Insight, Vibrancy, Energy

We took great care in selecting our manufacturing plant and are very excited to be associated with them.

They’ve been creating creams and lotions since 1986. Well respected and experienced right here in our very own Santa Fe!

We can support white labelling, with clean and third party verifiable tested products. There is a proliferation of oils out there and we pride ourselves on quality!

Scientific Research Board

             Benefits and Virtues

We are excited to announce that we are creating a Scientific Research Board led by Doctors specializing in Cardiology, Pulmonology, et al, to facilitate dynamic exploration and research into the healing properties of hemp, while creating new products and partnerships that are helpful and healing. Loving our endocannabinoids!