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Does CBD absorb through the skin and why the heck should I use a CBD topical?

The short answer to this question is yes and yes!

CBD does absorb into the skin but does not penetrate into the dermis like other types of CBD products. 

That being said it is important to note that CBD topicals, when applied to the skin, reach the cannabinoid receptors near the application site and interact with them. The skin has low permeability, which means that our skin blocks most things that try to enter it.

It is important to note that a user can still get benefits of CBD topicals by applying it liberally to the affected area. When CBD topicals are applied liberally it can absorb through the skin from the pores. To reach peak effects of a CBD topical, you must be consistent with your applications.

What are the benefits of a CBD topical? Skin health!

Researchers have measured skin elasticity, hydration, and a trans epidermal water loss. Researchers found that the administration of a topical CBD ointment may be a positive way to improve skin health for those with or without skin conditions. Who doesn’t want a little extra skin health?

Conclusion: Fad or Fact: Can CBD absorb through the skin?

Absolutely! CBD can absorb into the skin but, it is important to note that it will not reach the bloodstream like other types of CBD products.

A liberal application of CBD will also insure the CBD topical to reach the cannabinoid receptors through the pores in the skin. And, no, this application of CBD will not get you “high” nor will any other application of a quality CBD product as long as it is less than .3% of THC in the product.

There are also many other uses and products of CBD including: softgels, tinctures, and edibles. Finding the right product for you is important to us because not all CBD is created equal. Please email if you have any questions.


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